• How To Pick The Best Domain Name For Your Website!

    August 2, 2017 | blog
  • Whether you’re starting a new website in Fort Thomas, KY or simply expanding your current company’s online presence, one of the most basic (and most important) things you’ll do is to create a website for your brand.

    Creating a website, while so much easier than it used to be, with the rise of domain name and hosting sites such as Wordpress.org, and web design and development companies, it’s still no easy task to find a good domain for your website, especially with so many search engine optimization strategies.


    Easy to type

    Your domain should be easy to write. Stay away from things like. . .

    -        easily-confusable words, like “bare” and “bear”

    -        hard to spell words

    -        hyphenated phrases, like “good-pets-food.com”

    Easy to remember

    Along the same lines, your domain name should be easy to remember – and that means easy to pronounce. Even if no one ever says your domain name aloud, it’s easier to remember something if we can pronounce it in our minds.

    Avoid domain names like “moneffective.com,” even though the words “money” and “effective” may be a great way to represent your company’s mission.

    Also, a good rule of thumb is that your domain name shouldn’t be over 15 characters if you can help it.


    If you sell meal plans for people in office jobs, a domain name like “mealsatwork.com” or “foodfortheoffice.com” make much more sense than something like “lunchbreak.com,” which could be misinterpreted and don’t really give an idea of what you do as a company (unless “LunchBreak” is your brand. . .more on that later).

    Not EMD

    Google’s search algorithms work against domain names that are called in the web design and marketing industry, Exact Match Domains (EMDs) because many keywords and phrases were misused to instantly put websites at the top of search results in the past. That’s why both people and algorithms usually don’t trust domain names like “buyjewleryonline.com”.

    So, do keywords even matter in your domain name any more?

    Keyword wise


    Search engines still use keywords to find websites, but it’s not enough to just create a “keyword rich” domain name like “buycomputersonline.com” anymore.

    It is smart to create a domain name with one or more of these “keyword wise” suggestions. . .

    -        generic search terms instead of EMDs

    If you sell ice cream, “icecreamcraving.com” can help associate your site with the keyword.

    -        partial match keywords

    Use “betterbagels.com,” instead of “bakeryinseattle.com”.

    -        branding above keywords

    Use your company name on its own or with a keyword to build trust and recognition. This will help your site to be SEO-friendly in reviews on other sites and in backlinks, which boosts your SEO.

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  • Watch this video on how to choose a good domain name