• Social Media Marketing

    August 22, 2017
  • Kentucky Creative Design offers the best social media marketing, web design, and SEO in Northern Kentucky. Located in FT. Thomas Kentucky. 16 years experience in creating amazing websites, and getting them found in the search engines.

  • While most websites and other small businesses tend to focus their marketing efforts either on SEO, email marketing or advertising, but many overlook the very important Social Media Marketing. With such social sites as FacebookTwitter and YouTube altogether having twice as many users, this kind of a niche is still largely ignored and unexplored. KY Creative Design can help your company in tapping into this market, giving you all kinds of options to capitalize your gains and sales using social media marketing.

    We feel Facebook, and Twitter are great additions to a website. It is always good to link them on your business website. Search engines now track how popular you are on these social platforms. The best way to describe it is like in high school the more friends you have the more popular you are. The more Facebook likes, and followers the better. This is telling the search engines that you are worthy of a good placement.

    We will help with all your social media needs such as Facebook ads, social media creation and updating, and much more. We have been doing social media market for the last 4 years and have learned the best ways to target the right audience for your products or services. Give us a chance to show you what we can do!

    We have started a blog to help our customers learn more about the web design and search engine optimization world. Check out Why social media is important for your website, and why organic search results are better than paid ads.

  • Why Social Media Marketing is Important For Your Website