• Best web design in Fort Thomas Kentucky

    Here at Kentucky Creative Design have been designing websites for over 16 years in Ft. Thomas Kentucky. We provide small business the opportunity to compete with larger companies on the web. We not only create an amazing website but also make sure it is found in the search engines. What is the point of having a website but nobody finding it. Every single page on your website we will seo optimize for google, yahoo, and bing, ensuring better chance of landing where customers can find the website. 

    We have designed websites for many different ft Thomas and Northern Kentucky Business. We have designed for dog trainers, pet sitters, deck cleaning companies, computer repair and much more. We take pride in what we do. We have taken websites from page 10 of Google to the number one spot countless times now. Seeing our customers get success on the internet is our number one goal. 

  • Why Choose our web design services in Fort Thomas?

    We live right here in this amazing city. Our kids go to Moyer Middle School and will soon go to Highlands High School. We have help many small business with web design and search engine optimization. https://tri-statedeckcleaning was our latest small business from Ft. Thomas. Helping business in the area you live is the best. We have very little overhead and can focus 100% on customer service and providing lower cost but amazing websites. 

  • What sets us apart from other web design companies

    We know that most customers don’t know much about web design or search engine optimization. We have made 3 very easy to understand website packages. We want this experience to be very easy. We have basic website plans to very high end packages. Depending on which plan you pick you can rest assured you have a 16 year experienced professional on the job. We can be reached anytime day or night and hope to provide the best customer support you have ever had. 

  • What makes a website go to first page of Google?

    Well we have been doing this for many years now, and have seen google’s algorithm change a lot. Getting to the first page is totally different than it was just a year ago. I will point out the top 3 things your website must have to be on the first page of google. 

    Onsite Search Engine Optimization 

    You need every single page completely optimized for the search engines. A lot goes in this. We probably spend as much time on onsite SEO than we do the actual web designing. We will go over this process in more depth when we start on your website. 

    Website Speed and Performance

    These days google demands that you have a very fast loading website. With more and more people using mobile phones google made it a must. We will get your site very fast, and have years experience in making a very light and fast website.

  • Offsite Search Engine Optimization

    This one can be a little tricky to explain and don’t want to give away to much of how this process works but it is basically getting high authority websites to link to your website. This tells google that you are important and have friends. Google is kinda like a popularity contest. Like in high school if you did not talk to anyone or have any friends then you would not be considered important or popular. 


  • They are many more factors and we will go over all of this and lots more when we get started on your website. So if you would like get started today designing your website in Fort Thomas Kentucky, or the Northern Kentucky area, then call us today 859-628-2481