• Simple vs. Complex Web Design, What Should You Choose?

    August 14, 2017 | blog
  • If you own one or more website, or an online business, chances are that you worry about finding new alternatives to keep your website relevant and to help it stand out from among the millions of other similar websites that inhabit the Internet. Some statistics suggest that there are over six hundred million U.S. based online businesses, and that two million blog posts are published every day. This is the kind of competition your website is against every single day. What can you do to stand out among this infinite sea of blogs and websites vying for the attention of the same audience? The most obvious element to consider is your web design choice. After all, it is the first thing the visitor to your website will notice. Here the question is, should you go for a complex, flashy website, or instead choose to keep it simple? The answer depends on what you want the user experience to be.

    On the one hand, flashy, attractive web design catches the eye of the visitor, but can also distract them. For online businesses, this is definitely not being the best idea, since you would rather want your potential client to focus on your product and not to be overwhelmed by the images and colors on your website. On the other hand, a simple web design is, in fact, despite what common sense might dictate, very difficult to achieve. There is a fine balance between simple design and too little design that may also leave your visitors confused and without fully knowing what your website offers. So, instead of cramming as much content, images, and color as possible into your website, or instead leaving out as much as possible, a better route is to optimize your web design. Optimizing your web design means that you should seek to achieve a design that creates an ideal first impression on your visitors. Some studies from web design experts and web analytics trends suggest that these first impressions are created within the first second of a visit to any website, so your timeframe to impress is truly short. First impressions are vital to get your website ranked as highly as possible on search engine results. This requires a simple, but elegant and informative web design.

    Web design is as much an art as it is a science. Striking the right balance between simple and complex design requires someone with a degree of expertise and sensibility. If you need assistance with web design or Search Engine Optimization Northern KY, you can find a team of experts, ready to help you transform your website or online business platform right at Web Design Northern KY. With their assistance, you will obtain an optimally designed website, simple and elegant enough for visitors not to feel overwhelmed, but not too austere to drive them away. In addition, you can also expect a substantial jump in the placement of your website in the search results of specific queries in search engines.