• Why We Use Nexus WordPress Themes

    July 17, 2017 | blog
  • Once we at Kentucky Creative Design discovered website themes and templates by Nexus Themes, we discovered one of the best theme providers in the business!  We came across Nexus Themes several years ago.  Before then, we struggled with many different templates and themes from a variety of other companies  I was amazed by how easy they were to use!  Nexus Themes provides awesome templates and themes, making a creative website easier than ever. 

     Customer Freedom

    One of the best features offered by this company is how easy making changes is.  You can make all changes to your site at the front end instead of the backend of WordPress.  Instead of having customers email me out of frustration when they can't make changes, I am now able to give customers access to make their own changes to their site.  Customers love the freedom they have now, without having to rely on a member of my team or me.  Included as part of the standard package, I give each customer a 20-minute tour of how to use the site and how to make their changes if necessary.  When I say it's easy to use, I mean it!  Even the most technologically challenged customer can do it. 

    Incredible Selection

    Building a website can be difficult when it comes to design.  Customers of Kentucky web design want a site that looks great is unique, and functional.  Working with Nexus Themes has brought us an incredible selection of themes to choose from!  We're able to customize and make each site match our clients' needs, without the headache it used to cause.  Not only are the themes diverse, but every theme operates the same. Once you learn how to use a theme, you will be able to use all of them.

    Other companies such as TemplateMonster, or ThemeForest, provide templates that are different.  It can take weeks to figure out how the designer created each template.  That's a lot of wasted time!  Nexus Themes tackled and conquered this problem with their template.  By spending the time to learn just one of their templates, the setup for all templates is the same.  To make navigating the selection even simpler, the company provides tons of support videos to look through to answer any questions you may have!

    People in over 100 countries are currently using Nexus Themes, and we're glad to have joined that group!  With the incredible selection of themes and templates available, web design is that much better.  Nexus Themes makes our customers happier by giving them full control over their site once we've done our part.  They have a beautiful design we created just for them that can change with their needs.  Kentucky Creative Design LOVES Nexus Themes, and we know you will too!