• Why Having A Google Business Page Is Important

    June 7, 2017 | blog
  • The importance of having a Google My Business page cannot be overstressed. It is crucial to every business enterprise seeking to make headway and stay above the competition in their marketing campaign. A working Google Business page drives traffic to your website which results in an increase in your customer base. In other words, a functional Google My Business page can bring much success to your business, both online and offline. It makes it a lot easier for clients to find the information they desire about your business, product or service online across all kinds of device. Such information includes your hours of operation, contact information as well as directions.  

    Every success-oriented business enterprise must strive towards having one to move their business operations forward. Below, we try to highlight some other advantages of having a working my business page to every business organization.  

    1. It makes you to be found on local searches 

    What is a local search? 

    A local search happens when a person looking for information about a particular thing online adds a location to the search term, e.g., "Best web designers Northern Kentucky," "Best search engine optimization Northern Kentucky" etc.  

    How does a Google business page get you to be found local? 

    A Google My Business page is extremely important for every business to be found in a local search and also get ratings from clients. It enables you to appear in local search results for questions related to your products or services. When users search for your service or products online, the local search listings that appear are the ones that dominate. More often than not, the local listings will be accompanied by markers for very few, and it will feature their addresses as well as phone numbers. This is one major advantage of having a functional Google My Business page.  

    2. Business reviews 

    Reviews of your business are extremely important especially when it comes to ranking your products, business or services. They help indicate to new customers that your business is top quality and you should be patronized. Not just this, positive business reviews will also get your businesses or service a star rating under your local results search which can help your business stand out among its peers and competitors. Reviews are very important these days, and they go a long way in influencing your overall marketing campaign and strategy as they are a tried and tested ways to measure success. And this is one of the things that Google My Business page will offer you. 

    3. It makes for Google organic search results 

    When you have a working Google Business page, you have the perfect opportunity not just to gather customer reviews and to rank higher in Google SERPS, but also to be ranked organically. This is because Google My Business itself is Google's property which means that a lot of attention is given to what businesses are making use of it. 

    For every business out there, having a Google my business page is as important as ever due to several reasons such as the ones highlighted above.