• Why Good Website Security Is Important

    June 5, 2017 | blog
  • Why Good Website Security Is Important

    All around the world, almost organizations and Northern KY businesses in recent times now have websites that function as their online outlets and hubs for marketing their brands, whether large or small. Their websites serve as their digital and virtual brochures giving them the opportunity to reach an even wider range of audience and clients on the international level. This is why your website is very important.  

    A website contains personal information which if accessed by cyber thieves and hackers can be used to perpetrate some unscrupulous acts. Hacking is not something you would want to experience. It is much more unpleasant than it sounds and this is why every website owner must prevent it at all cost.  

    This article highlights why good website security is a very important thing and why you should start working towards it if your website is not properly protected.

  • Website Data Theft

    As stated earlier, your website contains certain personal information which must be guarded in every way possible. Hackers are extremely skilled people who can access it if it is not properly protected. Typically, what they try to do is gain access to your site's data or computing power (logic). Once they do this, they steal them, and when this happens, they are most likely going to use the information obtained to commit a crime. Customer information, credit card information, emails, names and much more are some of the data they can obtain from your website. For instance, they can use it to commit identity theft; they can also use your computing power to carry out certain personal illegal objectives through your resources or acquire banking information to carry some fraudulent transactions. In any case, hackers do not hack for good. When they do, you can predict something bad will follow. This is one strong reason you need to get your website protected. 

  • Site Hijack and Crash

    Not only can lack of protection lead to theft of personal information on your website, it can actually lead to it being completely hijacked. This means the hackers take over your website. Worse even than that is total crash of your website. When it is not well protected, it can be hacked which could lead to a total crash. You can imagine how that would feel if it happens to you. 

  • Customer Trust

    You need to protect your website to be able to have the trust of your clients forever. A single security breach of the website could lead to the downfall of a business venture forever. You subsequently lose their trust and consequently, a substantial amount of patronage.

  • Protecting Your Website

    There are a good number of ways to protect your website. Some of the simple ways are to create a security plan, share it with all persons involved and make sure it is strcitly adhered to by all parties. Also, make sure you manage your passwords carefully, especially website and keep all computers as well as mobile devices free from malware for them to not be used as a means for a website attack. Most importantly, you can engage the services of website protection ventures such as www.wordfence.com and www.cloudfare.com.  

    For more information on how and why you need to ensure your website security, call us today!