• Why are organic search results better than paid ads?

    June 3, 2017 | blog
  • For better understanding, there is a need to explain the two terms – Organic search and Paid ads. Organic search simply means a natural search result that appears on the search engine page due to its relevance. These kinds of searches are not ads. On the other hands, paid ads are ads that marketers pay money to search engines and social media giants, such as Google and Facebook, to advertise their brand and website link. Most times, paid ads usually appear on top of organic searches or top right side of many of the organic searches. 

    Organic search results are better than paid ads for your website as well as for search engine optimization as there are many benefits they offer. A few of the reasons that make organic search results better than paid ads are: 

    • It shows trust and credibility 

    Organic search results for your search engine optimization mostly believed by users of search engines to be the results of most trusted and credible business or websites. This is different from paid ads that are known to bring ads that have been paid for, and not necessarily credible. 

    • It reveals your web ranking 

    Organic search results show the rank to which your website belongs among other websites when keywords are typed into the search engines. In other words, organic search results help you to know the natural ranking of your website when searches are made on search engines. Unlike organic searches, paid ads will always show your ads on Google and other search engines even when users do not search for it, and this is not a natural, unforced way to be ranked. 

    • It shows the quality of your web contents 

    Organic search results reveal the quality of the contents of a site. A website with good contents will always top the list of search results on the search engines. Good content will lead to proper search engine optimization and this is why internet marketers often emphasize the essence of good contents. Through paid ads, it will be very difficult to know the quality of the contents on your site. 

    • It enables durability 

    This is another benefit of organic search results. A high-quality website with good content can always maintain its rank whenever searches are conducted on those keywords. Organic search results give the site an evergreen presence on those keywords whenever searches are made on them compared to paid ads that would only last for the period of the agreement. 

    • It costs less 

    Another top reason that make organic search results better than paid ads is that it is cost-efficient. Without costing an arm and a leg, you get high-quality results for your search engine optimization with organic searches. This is especially important for small and growing businesses that have financial constraints. 

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