• Top 5 Ways to Get to the First Page of Google

    July 12, 2017 | blog
  • As a business owner with a professional and functional website, you must have known the essence of ranking high on the search engine. Getting on the first page of Google, which is the most widely used and known search engine, is one of the best ways to optimize your investment in building a website. However, getting on the first page of Google is a herculean task, and only a few websites can enjoy such privileges.

    For those that would like to get on the first page of Google and be one of the best in their chosen niche, here are five proven ways of making the first page of Google.

    1.    Every website page must be optimized with the right keywords

    The most commonly used method of getting to the first page of Google is using keywords. Nevertheless, there is a need for you to do it in the most appropriate way by using the right keywords.

    Keywords are the specific words or phrases potential clients are likely going to use when searching for a service online. For instance, if you offer web design services in Northern Kentucky, potential clients looking for a web designer or web design services will likely search for keywords like web design in Northern Kentucky, web designer in Northern Kentucky, Kentucky web design, and web designer in Northern Kentucky. For optimal results, each page of your website must have the right keywords in the right density.

    2.    Your website must be a fast loading website

    Nowadays, nobody has the patience of spending several minutes opening a slow loading website. Google understands this concept and has, therefore, ensured that fast loading websites are given priority on its first page.

    Some of the ways by which you can improve your website loading time include enhancing your hosting plan, using internet-friendly graphics, having knowledge of how HTTP requests work, and optimizing CSS and JS files. 

    3.    High authority backlinks is a must

    Getting high authority backlinks has gradually become one of the most important ways to get on the first page of Google due to the benefits it offers. These benefits include giving your brand exposure and recognition, providing auto-piloted referral traffic, building new relationships, and creating and building steady brand authority.

    4.    SSL Certificate must be available

    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security-based protocol that is designed to ensure the safety of your communication. Google prefers websites that have SSL certificate as they have secured communication over the internet. The SSL certificate has the domain name, serial number, issuer signature, expiration date and many other features. It protects your passwords, logins, cardholder information, and website details; thus, it offers protection against identity thieves and hackers that lurk around on the internet nowadays.

    5.    Your website must have optimized titles and meta descriptions

    The meta description and optimized titles of your website pages are important data that ensure Google and your users understand what your website is all about. Resultantly, fully optimized titles and meta descriptions are pivotal to getting to the first page of Google.

    Having known the ways of getting to the first page of Google, you need to hire a professional SEO service provider to offer you these services. Kentucky Creative Design is distinguished company that offers unmatched website design in Northern Kentucky. To get to the first page of Google or build a professional website, contact them now.