• Retro Web Design is in, Learn How to Do It Right

    August 24, 2017 | blog
  • Retro and vintage vibes are a fun new trend on everything from fashion, television, and even web design. Yes, you read that right, web design is taking a step back in time and bringing in stylistic elements evocative of generations past. But digging a little bit below the surface it is easy to see why retro and vintage inspired styles are becoming integrated into web design. One of the current trends in web design is a stripped-down approach where less is more and the focus is on the content and facilitating the user experience. With a less cluttered look, adding graphics and stylistic elements becomes a matter of choosing just a few exquisitely exceptional objects to display on your website and nothing speaks to a user as something that evokes nostalgia for a forgone era. The question is how to strike the right balance between evoking nostalgia and going overboard with a mash of retro inspired looks. Here we will go over some of the best elements to consider using in order to make your retro look a success.

    First, let us consider the shapes used throughout retro and vintage inspired websites. The good news is that mostly simple shapes are used. One that features prominently is the circle. It can be used to design brand logos or even to create round borders on banners. To complete the look, make sure to keep your palette choices simple and limited to two colors to truly recreate the old printing patterns where a full range of colors for printing was not possible. Also, you need to make your colors look worn out to give them that worn-down look you are going for. Good choices, are for example, a classic combination in black and white, a red background and white text, or orange and white with brown text over a white background. This are all winning combinations, but the sky is the limit. Another choice that can make or break your retro design is choosing the right typography. Depending on the era you are going for, you can most certainly find a typography that takes you back to that time. For instance, for the post-war era, typographical elements with a drop shadow reminisce of printing processes of the era, but for a 1980s or 1990s look, go for more angular and pointed fonts and a lot more color. Finally, to give your website and authentic vintage look, add some texture to create the feeling of age and a time long gone. Some good choices are adding a yellowish paper texture to your background or old wood with larger grain.

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