• Why Do I Need a Mobile Responsive Website?

    July 27, 2017 | blog
  • Almost every business now has their website representing their brand. It serves as an avenue to market their brand and reach out to their target audience easily and fast. The internet is a busy word where a lot of activities are carried out. However, much more advantageous to your business than having a website is designing it to be a mobile responsive one. So, you might be wondering, "what is a mobile responsive website?" "Does it mean the same as a mobile website?”

  • Mobile Responsive Website v Desktop Version v Mobile Website

    The layout of a desktop version website is suitable mostly for a PC. When you visit a desktop version website on a mobile phone, the page appears all zoomed out like a mini version of how it would be on a desktop screen. You will have to zoom in to view the content, and you will not be able to load any video or Flash content on it.

    When a website's design is mobile responsive, the layout or/and the content responds and adapts based on the size of the screen of the device accessing it. In other words, a mobile responsive website automatically changes to suit device on which you’re reading it.

    With a mobile site, on the other hand, it means the site owners are effectively maintaining two different websites .i.e. the desktop version, and then another version to which phones are redirected when they access the website.

    However, of these three, a mobile responsive website is the best. In fact, it is now the trend with website businesses.

  • Why should I care about a mobile responsive website?

    Increase in smartphone web browsing

    Nowadays, most people access the internet with their mobile phones due to their ease of use. According to statistical reports, 90% of smartphone users browsed the internet daily last year, and mobile browsing accounted for more than 15% of total Internet traffic in the same year. With this becoming more and more rampant, it is time you switched to a mobile-friendly website if you don't run one yet. View more statistics

  • Relative cheapness and time-effectiveness

    Regarding cost and time of maintenance, a mobile responsive website seems to be the best option. With a mobile website, for instance, you run two different websites and update content on both on a regular basis which often proves very time-consuming.

  • Google loves it

    According to reports, it Google ranks mobile responsive websites higher in search results which mean that a responsive website will be great for search engine optimization. Even if you do not consider other reasons, the ranking of your website is worth considering.

    Ease of Use

    A mobile friendly website makes for ease of use which is what people love. Easily navigating through your business website makes it fun for them to read about your brand and the only thing that can offer you this is a mobile responsive website.

    Indeed, the present day buzzword for business websites is a mobile responsive site, and yours must not be left out. Want more insight on this topic? Would you like to make your website mobile responsive now? Contact KY Creative Design now for web designsearch engine optimization and mobile web design in Northern Kentucky