• The Latest Trends in Web Design

    August 18, 2017 | blog
  • To stay on top of their game, web designers must follow the latest trends in their field. Nothing could be worse for the reputation of a web designer than a website designed in 2017 with the style and functionality elements of 2005. This is why we tasked ourselves with answering the questions about what are the likely trends in web design to dominate in the near future. If you are a web designer or aspiring to become one, then this might interest you because, while it is great to be informed about the latest trends, the best outcome is that by learning about them they might ignite the spark of inspiration to think outside the box and try something new. You may even discover a better way to do things and to positively impact your own web design style and how you handle your projects. Thus, without further ado, here are the latest web design trends that will surely become pervasive, so do not miss out!

    The first trend to be noted is a shift toward more minimalist design styles. Whereas before making a website attractive to the eye seemed to dominate web design, there is now a noticeable change toward putting content first. After all, it is common sense to realize that people come to a website because of its content first and foremost. Sure, functionality and a good user experience are important, but if a website does not offer anything of value to the user, no matter how well designed it might be, it will surely fail to keep visitors coming. Flatter design allows the focus to be on the content and the design responds mainly to functionality aspects. This is why it tends to favor simplicity. On a related note, flatter design is also perfectly suited for responsive web design, which is now used extensively given the rise of mobile devices and the need to render website fast on smartphone screens. Since the focus in web design now seems to put content front and center, typography choices also come into play. Bold and large typefaces are fast becoming the preferred choice for many web designers. Coupled with minimalist web design, a great way of making your message pop is by using an easily visible font type. But, with larger typeface also comes a warning: Make sure to keep your message concise, or else you risk overwhelming your style with crammed text. Lastly, another trend worth keeping an eye out for is the prevalence of scalable vector graphics or SVGs. Now that websites are being displayed across all kinds of screens, the most noticeable advantage of SVGs is that they do not depend on the resolution in the same way JPGs do, for instance. Thus. by using SVGs the graphical elements of websites are guaranteed to look as they should no matter the resolution of the screen.

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