• 8 Tips & Tricks to Grab Your Audience’s Attention

    September 18, 2017 | blog
  • So, now that you have been planning to set up your website or blog after countless hours of deciding on your best design option and working out any faults in the code, you may think your work is done. After all, you have just managed to create a whole new website, ready to display your content. But, wait a second. You still have more work to do! Now you have to consider how to grab the attention of your potential visitors. How can you manage to stand out among a sea of website, all vying for the attention of your same visitors?  Do you need to advertise extensively? Should you use bright colors? You’re your choice of typography matters? Well, we want to assist you with this task and make your work easier by letting you in on eight easy ways that are almost guaranteed to get the attention of visitors to your website, so if you are interested, please read on for the easiest eight strategies sure to wow your audience.

    First, consider your choices of color. A wise selection can make your website pop and highlight those elements that are most important, draw the attention of your visitors to where you want it and help you create a brand image. In fact, there is an extensive collection of studies that reveal the power of colors and their effect on mood and attention, so definitely, make sure to add color to your website. Second, if you want your website to be associated with a particular feeling, using music is a sure bet. As you may know, music can convey a particular feeling and immediately create a connection with your audience, so go ahead and think about whether adding sound to your website is something that fits within your project. Third, be generous with the use of images. That is the first impression a visitor to your website will get, even before knowing what your website is about. Fourth, on a related note, plan your use of images in conjunction with text for a clever interaction between the two that grabs the attention. Fifth, while you consider your choice of images, think about including a gallery that highlights what you do. There is no easier way to instill confidence that showing what you do instead of telling. Sixth, perhaps instead of still images, your website might be better represented by one captivating video in the background of your homepage. This is definitely another strategy to consider. Next up, do not be afraid to use animation to highlight specific features on your websites. It adds a touch of fun! Finally, consider parallax scrolling to create an effect that gives your website an air of professionalism and innovation like no other.

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